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Let Tab Labs help you create effective products with a pleasant taste and mouthfeel, customized to your functional ingredients and target consumers.

Our development activities are built on more than 100 years of experience in chewing gum and other oral delivery formats.

We are always open to new concepts and ideas. Please contact us so that we can work together to find the best solution.

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Delivery systems

Supported by scientific data and consumer insights, our specialists will help you tailor your product to your target user’s needs and preferences. Our innovative delivery systems can be used individually or be combined to create exactly the right situation.

Explore more opportunities with our full range of innovative delivery systems on the global Fertin website. You can combine our delivery systems in different ways to create exactly the right solution for your product

Bi-layer or tri-layer compressed gum

Key benefits

  • Controlled release of one or several functional ingredients and flavours
  • No heat, no moisture production process protects sensitive ingredients
  • Customized mouthfeel, colour, size and appearance
  • Patent protected

Patented manufacturing process

The no heat and no moisture compression process protects sensitive ingredients such as vitamins and probiotics. The compression process gives the gum a pleasant texture and mouthfeel.

Versatile application

Compressed gum is especially suited for delivery of functional ingredients absorbed via the oral mucosa. Bi-layer or tri-layer gum variants allow separation of ingredients for fast and sustained release combined in one product.

Convenient and popular

Gum is a convenient dosage format, socially accepted, convenient and discrete, providing a stimulating and refreshing experience enjoyed by many.

Easy customization

We customize size, texture, flavour and sweetness to match selected consumer preferences. Visual effects such as colouring, embossment or speckles may add to the consumer experience.

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Zapliq® – Liquefiable tablets

Key benefits

  • Fast release
  • Easy to swallow – like a sip of water
  • Suitable for sensitive or incompatible ingredients
  • Patent protected

Novel format

Zapliq® spells true innovation as a novel format for fast oral delivery. The tablet instantly liquefies when chewed, making a solid oral dosage as easy to swallow as a sip of water.

Versatile application

The unique format is a valuable alternative to existing delivery systems across a wide range of applications. Especially suited for heat and moisture sensitive ingredients such as vitamins and probiotics.

Popular among consumers

Consumers rate the new format superior to existing delivery systems and intuitively perceive Zapliq® to provide fast onset of action. More than 80% of consumers find Zapliq® discrete, convenient and an easy way to ensure the right dosage.

Excellent taste masking

Zapliq® offers excellent taste masking capabilities with the potential for uptake through the oral mucosa or gastrointestinal tract depending on the ingredients.

Easy customization

Layers, textures, flavours, sizes, load ranges and shapes can be customised to specific ingredients and consumer preferences. Zapliq® can be combined with our patented compressed gum and a crunchy flavoured layer to further customize release, mouthfeel and flavour.

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Key benefits

  • Discrete delivery
  • Controlled release
  • Customized release speed, size, flavour, colour
  • Patent protected

Popular and cost-effective

The compressed lozenge is a cost-effective, discrete and convenient format. Ideal for situations where chewing is not appropriate or for people with swallowing difficulties.


The lozenge can be customized in size, shape, colour, flavour and release profile to meet the needs and preferences of consumers in different situations.

Effective and pleasant

No grittiness, chalkiness or greasiness, just a pleasant mouthfeel, enabling effective release of the functional ingredients.

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