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• Formulation
• Gum and Tablet Compression
• Pan Coating – Sugar free and Sugared
• Blistering – Foil and Cardstock
• Gum & Tablet Printing
• Sourcing – Ingredients and Packaging
• Research & Development
• Analytical Services (HPLC Testing)
• Packaging – Tin Filling, Date/Lot Coding

Sourcing – Ingredient & Packaging

Tab Labs Inc recognizes that our customers want their formulas and ingredients to be secured and treated just like they would be in their own facility. We have an inventory of custom made packaging materials and ingredients that are owned by the customers only and we never intend to use it for other customers. This helps you to maintain your unique product ingredient profile as well as innovative packaging style. We are always willing to help you in identifying from our vast network of global suppliers to bring you the best quality at the lowest price.



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