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Quality Assurance
Quality just not happens itself, but is established as a result of diligent efforts, continuous improvements, personnel training and management commitment.

For us Quality Assurance refers to planned and systematic production processes that provide confidence in a product's suitability for its intended purpose. It is a set of activities (generally termed as GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES) intended to ensure that OUR products and/or services satisfy customer requirements in a systematic, reliable fashion.

We have developed a very stringent Quality Management System (QMS) in place that includes:

• Defining the customer’s requirements

• Draft Specifications in compliance with those requirements

• Action plan to execute conformance to specifications i.e. batch sheets, mixing standards, manufacturing parameters, packaging instructions, quality control and product analysis

• Complaints and issues from the customers are satisfactorily dealt within a timely manner

• Consistent data recording and assessment and documentation integrity

• Product and/or process change management and notification

This is just a broad overview of our QMS that gives us an edge over others with

• Reliability

• Maintainability

• Safety

• Strength

All ingredients are date coded from receipt and given an identification tracking number. Your finished products lot number can be cross-matched to all the ingredients that went into it. All ingredient tracking details and all processing parameters details are recorded at each step of manufacturing and processing of all products. This gives us a complete reverse audit of ingredients that went into your product.

We have an in-house fully operational food analysis laboratory where we follow appropriate and applicable CFIA Health Protection Branch (HPB), US FDA and AOAC methods to conduct testing on all raw materials, packaging materials, in-process materials and finished products before release. We have state-of the art analytical instruments like:

• HPLC (High performance Liquid Chromatography)

• Moisture Analyzer

• Friability tester

• Tablet Hardness Tester

• Ultrasonic water bath

• And many more

All analytical testing is performed by following a set of written Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to conduct analysis of raw materials, in-process materials and finished products for physical, chemical and microbiological parameters.

Our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) includes:

• Sample handling and storage requirements

• Analytical methods

• Quality Control

• Safety

• Instrument maintenance and calibration

• Quality Control method acceptance and rejection criteria.



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