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Energy Gum - Sugar Free

Our sugar free caffeine-energy gum has a flavor that 'energizes' you and freshens your breath. Try it; you're going to love the 'wings' it gives you! Our Energy sugar free gum is coated and sealed in such a way that it retains its crunch and efficacy until you’re ready for it.

Our standard blister pack contains 8 pieces – the energy/alertness boost of 6 coffees or 6 cans* of the leading energy drink in North America (*regular 250ml serving size based on 75mgs of caffeine per can). That is correct; each piece contains 55mg caffeine per 1 piece of our energy gum in a sugar free format!

Tab Labs Inc uses a cold compressed gum format which allows for the greatest consistency of functional ingredients ( caffeine or vitamins ) in each piece of gum versus tradition heated chic let formats where a greater percentage of functional ingredients are lost due to high heat and less consistency through each twelve pack of gum format.

We can offer this sugar free gum is standard flavor & color profile like
• Peppermint – Blue or White
• Spearmint – Green or White
• Cinnamon – Light Brown
• Original – Red

We still have more to offer you – any innovative flavor and color profile you can imagine like Sour Apple, Cherry, and so on.



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