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Cholesterol Reducing Gum

Tab Labs is proud to develop a cholesterol reducing gum as a result of increasing awareness and recognition amongst health care professionals and consumers. We have carefully selected special phytosterols that lower cholesterol, in particular LDL-cholesterol, therefore reducing or preventing the development of cardiovascular diseases.

The carefully selected cholesterol reducing agent boasts of:
• Recommended dosage of average 1 g per day shows bad cholesterol level reduction by 15-25% within 30 days
• generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by US FDA
• Clinically proven to significantly lower 'bad' cholesterol levels.
• Work primarily by blocking absorption of cholesterol in the gut without being absorbed into your body.
• Over 100+ worldwide clinical studies have delivered positive results strongly supporting health claims of phytosterols in lowering bad cholesterol in humans.
• no caloric or fat values so it is ideal for consumers seeking a healthy, low fat approach to their dietary routine
• Being non-esterified, requires less weight per weight doses to achieve the same efficacy as that of sterol esters. Therefore, it can be incorporated into low fat foods without introducing additional fat


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